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December 14, 2010

Changing RVM's path

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One of the coolest things proving exponential awesomeness of the ruby ecosystem is the Ruby Version Manager (RVM). If You're doing some rubyism and You're not using RVM, You really should - it's worth installing, even if You're happily stuck with Your ruby of choice and You don't really care about all the rubies out there. For example: Gemsets allow You to have different gem setups within the same ruby installation, saving Your butt from a dependency hell.

The recommended installation choice is to curl it down and adjust .bash_profile to load RVM into the shell. Anyways, one probably ends up with RVM living happily under $HOME/.rvm.

Well, if You'd like to keep Your $HOME RVM free or simply just move the install directory to another location, while keeping all the ruby and gem assets You've managed to install over the time, here's a few steps to follow changing Your $rvm_path :

NOTE: Actually my rvm install ree step failed with a "No such file or directory - (Errno::ENOENT)" but looking at the install log revealed no fatal issues (it did fail during the "useful libraries" installation which I do not care about as all my gemsets are working and are full of useful libraries already :)) ...

Now, be happy © RVM !